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EZ-USB® FX3 USB BulkLoop-Auto Example | Cypress Semiconductor

EZ-USB® FX3 USB BulkLoop-Auto Example

Last Updated: 
Mar 05, 2015

This example illustrates the use of the FX3 firmware APIs to implement a data loopback application over a pair of USB bulk endpoints.

The device enumerates as a vendor specific USB device with a pair of bulk endpoints (1-OUT and 1-IN). The application loops back any data that it receives on the bulk OUT endpoint on the bulk IN endpoint.

The loopback is achieved with the help of a DMA AUTO channel which is created connecting the two endpoints. There is no FX3 CPU involvement in the data transfer, and the loopback is performed automatically by the FX3 device hardware.

Note: Pre-built binaries are provided in the Release and Debug folders in the zip file. FX3 SDK should be installed in the system to rebuild the example project with any modifications made.