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EZ-USB® FX3 USB Bulk Source Sink Example | Cypress Semiconductor

EZ-USB® FX3 USB Bulk Source Sink Example

Last Updated: 
Mar 05, 2015

This example illustrates the use of the FX3 firmware APIs to implement a data source and data sink over a pair of USB Bulk endpoints.

The device enumerates as a vendor specific USB device with a pair of Bulk endpoints (1-OUT and 1-IN). The OUT endpoint acts as data sink and the IN endpoint acts as data source to the PC Host.

The source and sink is achieved with the help of a a DMA MANUAL IN Channel and a DMA MANUAL OUT Channel.

Any data received from the host through the DMA MANUAL IN channel is discarded. A constant data pattern is continuously loaded into the DMA MANUAL OUT channel and sent to the host.

The application also supports a set of vendor commands on the control endpoint. These are used to demonstrate the vendor command handling as well as to test cases like repeated USB connection, device reset etc.

Performance Optimizations

The default example is not optimised for performance in USB 3.0, in order to get better performance the following changes has to be done.

  1. Have only one endpoint (IN or OUT) This avoids any USB host bandwidth issues.
  2. Update the burst length to maximum burst value supported by the USB SS host This can be done by modifying the CY_FX_EP_BURST_LENGTH field (1 - 16) in cyfxbulksrcsink.h. Updating this value will change the DMA buffer size for all speeds. The bursting will be done only for USB super speed operation.
  3. The firmware latencies can be minimized by having a larger buffer. This can be done by changing the multiplier defined by CY_FX_DMA_SIZE_MULTIPLIER in cyfxbulksrcsink.h. When making these changes, make sure that there is enough memory available for buffering.

Note: Pre-built binaries are provided in the Release and Debug folders in the zip file. FX3 SDK should be installed in the system to rebuild the example project with any modifications made.