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CE95391 - PSoC(R) USB HID Bootloader | Cypress Semiconductor

CE95391 - PSoC(R) USB HID Bootloader

Last Updated: 
Jun 01, 2017


This example uses two PSoC Creator projects bootloader and bootloadable to demonstrate the PSoC Creator bootloader system. The bootloader project communicates with a PC host via USB HID, to program an application image. The bootloadable project is the application image that is programmed.


Tool: PSoC Creator 3.3 SP1 or higher
Programming Language: C (GCC 4.7.3)
Associated Parts: All PSoC 3, PSoC 4 L-series, and PSoC 5LP parts with USB
Related Hardware: CY8CKIT-030, CY8CKIT-046, CY8CKIT-050, CY8CKIT-059

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