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CE54939 - UART User Module Example Project | Cypress Semiconductor

CE54939 - UART User Module Example Project

Last Updated: 
Jan 08, 2015

The operation of the 8-bit universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART) user module in PSoC® is demonstrated in this example.

Part# - CY8C29/27/24/22/21xxx, CY8C23x33, CY7C64215, CYWUSB6953, CY8CNP102, CY8CLED02/04/08/16, CY8CLED03D/04D, CY8CTST110, CY8CTMG110, CY8CTST120 CY8CTMG120, CY8CTMA120, CY8C21x45,CY8C22x45, CY8CTMG300, CY8CTST300, CY8CTMA300 CY8CTMA301, CY8CTMA301D, CY8C28x45,CY8CPLC20, CY8CLED16P01, CY8C28x43, CY8C28x52