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CE227719 CapSense with Multi-Frequency Scan | Cypress Semiconductor

CE227719 CapSense with Multi-Frequency Scan

Last Updated: 
Jun 04, 2020

This example demonstrates the use of the multi-frequency scan feature of CapSense for PSoC 4 devices. It demonstrates this feature for both CSD (self-capacitance) and CSX (mutual-capacitance) designs.

The associated document details the following:

  1. The use of the multi-frequency-scan feature to prevent false touch detection in the presence of external noise at a particular frequency.
  2. The effects of multi-frequency scan such as scanning at three different sense clock frequencies and increased scan time.
  3. A method to test the improvement in touch detection accuracy brought in by MFS, by manually injecting external noise and showcasing that there is no false touch detected when the MFS feature is enabled.

The code scans all the buttons and sliders on the CY8CKIT-149 and drives the LEDs depending on the button and slider touch status.

The code also sends the CapSense raw data over an I2C interface to the on-board KitProg, which in turn enables reading the data from CapSense Tuner GUI or Bridge Control Panel. The CapSense Tuner and Bridge control Panel are used to observe the changes when the multi-frequency scan feature is enabled.