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CE222494 - PSoC 6 WICED WiFi Demo | Cypress Semiconductor

CE222494 - PSoC 6 WICED WiFi Demo

Last Updated: 
Mar 19, 2018
The CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT contains a PSoC 62 and a CYW4343W WiFi/BT combo chip. This code example demonstrates that PSoC 6 can communicate with the 4343W chip and connect to WiFi networks. In this example, the PSoC 6 MCU acts as an http web server. It hosts a webpage that displays the voltage of the light sensor on the CY8CKIT-028-TFT shield. It also displays the current duty cycle of a PWM controlling the brightness of the red LED on the kit. Buttons on the webpage control the duty cycle of that PWM. CapSense buttons and sliders on the kit can also control the PWM duty cycle and thus the brightness of the LED. This example also demonstrates the PSoC 6 MCU driving a TFT LCD display, and printing commands over a UART to a terminal window. This example assumes the user is familiar with the WICED development environment. It does not teach how to use WICED or the WICED API.