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CE219521 – PSoC 6 MCU - GPIO Interrupt | Cypress Semiconductor

CE219521 – PSoC 6 MCU - GPIO Interrupt

Last Updated: 
Jan 07, 2020

This example demonstrates how to configure a GPIO to generate an interrupt in PSoC® 6 MCU.

The ModusToolbox example on this page is for ModusToolbox v1.1. It does not work with newer versions of ModusToolbox. To run code examples in ModusToolbox v1.1, download and unzip the ModusToolbox code example from this page. Run ModusToolbox v1.1 IDE's New Application command, then browse to and select the file.

To run code examples in PSoC Creator, download and unzip the code example package specific for PSOC Creator, run PSoC Creator, go to File > Open > Project/Workspace, then browse to and select the .cywrk file. For documentation and collateral regarding PSoC Creator, please visit the PSoC Creator SW page to learn more.

For ModusToolbox™ v2.x, use the ModusToolbox IDE New Application wizard to create the example. You can also use the ModusToolbox stand-alone Project Creator tool, or the command line, to create a folder that contains all the files. You can use this project folder in another IDE. See KBA225201 for detailed steps.

Visit the ModusToolbox SW page for documentation and collateral regarding ModusToolbox software.

For full details on the code example, review the ReadMe file at the Cypress GitHub Repository.