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Amazon FreeRTOS SDK Code Examples | Cypress Semiconductor

Amazon FreeRTOS SDK Code Examples

Last Updated: 
Jan 19, 2021

Amazon FreeRTOS includes examples as part of the SDK. They are in the demos folder of the GitHub repository. See the demos ReadMe file for details on how to use the examples. Some of these standard demo apps may not be supported by the Cypress implementation of Amazon Free RTOS.

In addition, these examples are available at the Cypress GitHub site.

See other ModusToolbox Software code examples.

Title Description
afr-example-capsense This code example features a 5-segment CapSense slider and two CapSense buttons. The status of the buttons and slider are stored in an AWS thing shadow.
afr-example-weather-station This example demonstrates the implementation of a weather station using IoT libraries of Amazon FreeRTOS.
afr-example-wifi-scan This example scans for Wi-Fi APs and prints the details. The scan process runs as a task with 5 seconds delay between successive scans.
afr-example-wlan-offloads This code example demonstrates various WLAN offloads such as Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) offload, Packet filter offload, and the TCP keepalive offload using the Low Power Assistant (LPA) middleware.
afr-example-wlan-lowpower This code example demonstrates the low-power operation of the PSoC 6 MCU (host) and the WLAN device using the Low Power Assistant (LPA) middleware.

The code example connects to a configured Wi-Fi network. After connecting to the network successfully, the example configures the WLAN device in a power save mode, suspends the network stack, and puts the host MCU in a wait state. During this wait state, the host MCU enters a low-power state and wakes up on any network activity detected between the host MCU and the WLAN device.
afr-example-mcuboot-rollback This code example implements a bootloader based on MCUBoot to demonstrate rollback to a known good image in case of unrecoverable error conditions with the application that is currently running.
afr-example-ota This code example demonstrates Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware update of PSoC® 6 MCU running FreeRTOS.
afr-example-mcuboot-upgradable-wifi-firmware Wi-Fi firmware consumes about 400 KB of flash. When the Wi-Fi firmware is stored in the internal flash along with the application, available flash size for the main application is reduced. Since MCUboot supports storing the primary image only in the internal flash, Wi-Fi firmware is separated out from the main application and stored in external flash to reduce the size of main application.