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CY8CMBR2110 CapSense® Design Guide | Cypress Semiconductor

CY8CMBR2110 CapSense® Design Guide

Last Updated: 
May 30, 2020

This document describes how to implement capacitive sensing functionality using Cypress’s CapSense® Express CY8CMBR2110 device.

The following topics are covered in this guide:

  • Features of the CY8CMBR2110
  • CapSense principles of operation
  • Configuration options of the CY8CMBR2110 device
  • Using the Design Toolbox with the CY8CMBR2110
  • System electrical and mechanical design considerations for the CY8CMBR2110
  • Low-power design considerations for the CY8CMBR2110
  • Additional resources and support for designing CapSense into your system
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