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AN99203 - S25FL129P Programming Guide | Cypress Semiconductor

AN99203 - S25FL129P Programming Guide

Last Updated: 
Mar 02, 2021
Every flash device supports three fundamental operations: Read, Erase, and Program. The Read operation enables access to digital data contents of the flash memory array. The Erase operation converts bits from '0' (programmed) to '1' (erased) and are performed on a sector basis. The Programming operation sets a bit or group of bits from '1' (erased) to '0' (programmed). The S25FL (032/064/129) P Flash Family offers both Single and Multi I/O read and write access modes which provides access bandwidths (BW) up to 40 Mbytes/s. The S25FL129P supports standard Page Programming and Quad Page Programming operations. This document investigates the S25FL-P standard Page Programming and Quad Programming performance and highlights recommended programming practices and verification methods.

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