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AN76530 - Psoc® 1 Automotive Ultrasonic Distance Measurement For Park-Assist Systems | Cypress Semiconductor

AN76530 - Psoc® 1 Automotive Ultrasonic Distance Measurement For Park-Assist Systems

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Mar 02, 2021
AN76530 describes how to use PSoC® 1 devices to build a four-channel ultrasonic distance measurement system for ultrasonic parking-assistance applications (UPA). This application note explains how Cypress¿s PSoC is the best fit for UPA applications; it includes an example project and reference hardware design.


Ultrasonic parking-assistance (UPA) systems are increasingly popular in cars because they enhance safety and driver convenience, especially in large cities. This application note shows you how to create an ultrasonic distance-measurement system using enclosed ultrasonic transducers, which are typical in automotive applications. Our implementation measures the distance between the ultrasonic transducers and any nearby objects. You can use the distance value locally within the system to control outputs or displays. You also can send the distance value, using a communication interface, to be used by another controller in the vehicle. Modern safety expectations and driver convenience, along with parking conditions and increased vehicle size, are driving the popularity of UPA systems.

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