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AN72389 - MIGRATING FROM CY14B101P/CY14B512P/CY14B256P TO CY14B101PA/CY14B512PA/CY14B256PA | Cypress Semiconductor

AN72389 - MIGRATING FROM CY14B101P/CY14B512P/CY14B256P TO CY14B101PA/CY14B512PA/CY14B256PA

Last Updated: 
Aug 18, 2017

AN72389 provides details for migrating from the CY14B101P/CY14B512P/CY14B256P nvSRAM parts to CY14B101PA/CY14B512PA/CY14B256PA parts in applications. This application note also lists the parameter differences between the parts and the design considerations for migration when converting applications to CY14B101PA/CY14B512PA/CY14B256PA.


Cypress CY14B101PA is a 3 V, 1 Mbit (128 K x 8) serial (SPI) nvSRAM with RTC in 0.13 micron technology. This part is functionally equivalent to the CY14B101P in the same technology with a few parameter enhancements and additional features. Due to these enhancements, there are a few differences in parameters. This application note highlights the differences between the CY14B101P and the CY14B101PA, and lists the parameters of significance that must be considered while migrating. These differences and considerations are applicable to CY14B512PA (3 V, 64 K x 8, 512 Kbit) and CY14B256PA (3 V, 32 K x 8, 256 Kbit) serial (SPI) nvSRAMs with RTC which are the replacement parts for CY14B512P and CY14B256P devices, respectively. This application note is described with respect to CY14B101P and CY14B101PA in the following sections. The same description applies to CY14B512P/CY14B256P and CY14B512QPA/ CY14B256PA.