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AN6068 - Replacing 4-Mbit (256K x 16) MRAM with Cypress nvSRAM | Cypress Semiconductor

AN6068 - Replacing 4-Mbit (256K x 16) MRAM with Cypress nvSRAM

Last Updated: 
Jun 26, 2020

AN6068 discusses the key pinout differences between the Everspin 4-Mbit (256K x 16) MRAM and the Cypress 4-Mbit (256K x 16) nvSRAM devices. These differences should be taken into consideration when designing a PCB to use either MRAM or the high performance nvSRAM on the same footprint as true alternate source part number on the same bill of materials (BOM).


Cypress offers the highest performance and most reliable nonvolatile RAM products available with its nvSRAM product line. The nvSRAM technology combines the performance characteristics of a high-speed SRAM with that of a nonvolatile memory. A similar nonvolatile solution is the Magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) from Everspin in which magnetic polarization is used to store information. This application note discusses designing applications hardware with the option to use either MRAM or nvSRAM on the same socket without any hardware redesign.


Replacing 4-Mbit MRAM with nvSRAM Diagram (AN6068)

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