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AN55427 - Cypress Powerline Communication Board Design Analysis | Cypress Semiconductor

AN55427 - Cypress Powerline Communication Board Design Analysis

Last Updated: 
Feb 25, 2018

This application note describes the on-board circuitry of Cypress's high voltage 110 V to 240 V AC Powerline Communication (PLC) boards (CY3274). It describes the filter, coupling circuit, and power supply design. It also explains the selection of critical components necessary to meet performance and compliance requirements.


Powerlines are widely available communication media for PLC technology all over the world. The pervasiveness of powerline also makes it difficult to predict the characteristics and operation of PLC products. Because of the variable quality of powerlines around the world, implementing robust communication over powerline has been an engineering challenge for years. The Cypress PLC solution enables secure and reliable communication over powerline.

PLC Device Diagram