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AN53490 - CapSense® Express™ - Design to Production | Cypress Semiconductor

AN53490 - CapSense® Express™ - Design to Production

Last Updated: 
May 28, 2020
The CapSense® Express family of touch sensing devices easily integrates into various products. They often replace existing mechanical switches and push buttons with little or no impact on the rest of the design. This application note describes methods and tips on how to smoothly design these devices; it also helps you make a robust design with CapSense Express.

CapSense® is a widely accepted technology used to replace conventional mechanical switches. Cypress’s new CapSense Express is a high performance fixed function CapSense enabled device that does not require any programming effort, unlike other CapSense-enabled PSoC® devices. CapSense Express is an extremely configurable and flexible device, which does not require any external components for each sensor; it only requires an optional external capacitor for increased sensitivity. It incorporates a robust sensing technology, which is highly immune to noise and environmental conditions.