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AN49943 - PSoC® 1 USB-to-UART Bridge | Cypress Semiconductor

AN49943 - PSoC® 1 USB-to-UART Bridge

Last Updated: 
Feb 19, 2018

This application note explains how to implement a full-featured USB-to-UART bridge using PSoC® 1. It also discusses user module configuration, critical firmware, and reasons why a USB-to-UART bridge is needed. A step-by-step USB-to- UART bridge implementation is given for better understanding.


Although USB is now the generally accepted standard for interfacing with PCs, RS-232 and other UART protocols are still widely used in embedded systems and some PC software. This application note describes a USB-to-UART bridge solution implemented in PSoC 1. This solution is designed as a reference for designers who need such a bridge in their systems. It can be implemented and tested on a CY3214 USB Evaluation Board.



Example Project

Supported H/W and S/W Supported PSoC1 Devices
PSoC Designer Version H/W Kit CY8C20xxx CY8C21xxx CY8C22xxx CY8C23xxx CY8C24xxx CY8C27xxx CY8C28xxx CY8C29xxx
Yes 5.4 CY3214         x94      


The following video tutorial walks-through the process of creating a USB-to-UART Bridge on a Cypress PSoC 1. Watch the video to learn how to design a USB-to-UART Bridge from scratch using a CY3214-PSoCEvalUSB and PSoC Designer software.


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