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AN4017 - Understanding Temperature Specifications: An Introduction | Cypress Semiconductor

AN4017 - Understanding Temperature Specifications: An Introduction

Last Updated: 
Apr 28, 2017

AN4017 gives a basic understanding of the temperature specifications found in Cypress's product datasheets. There are many factors that affect the thermal operation of a device. This application note also gives you an understanding of the thermal parameters and temperature specifications of the device. 

This document describes the various thermal parameters namely Ambient Temperature (Ta), Case Temperature (Tc), Junction Temperature(Tj), Thermal Resistance, Power Dissipation etc.

Details on calculating Junction Temperature are provided in this application note.

Clicking on the link below provides a tool which enables calculation of the I/O Switching Current (Iddq) for desired frequency, Total Power Consumption and Junction Temperature for Sync SRAMs

Please refer to the respective product datasheets to get the Vdd voltage and Idd current used in the formula.

Translated documents are for reference only. We recommend that you refer to the English-language version of a document if you are engaged in development of a design.