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AN220929 – Getting Started with EZ-BLE WICED Modules | Cypress Semiconductor

AN220929 – Getting Started with EZ-BLE WICED Modules

Last Updated: 
Jun 04, 2020
AN220929 introduces you to Cypress’ EZ-BLE™ WICED family of Bluetooth modules. EZ-BLE modules are fully qualified and certified Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solutions. These modules provide a complete Bluetooth solution, integrating a Bluetooth radio system, two crystals, antenna, and passive components required for BLE operation. This application note helps you explore the EZ-BLE Module architecture and development tools and shows you how to create your first project with the WICED Smart SDK, the development tool used for all WICED-based EZ-BLE Modules. This application note also guides you to more resources to accelerate in-depth learning about EZ-BLE WICED solutions.