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AN2199 - Analog - DAC with Analog Modulator | Cypress Semiconductor

AN2199 - Analog - DAC with Analog Modulator

Last Updated: 
Jun 26, 2020

AN2199 explains the construction of a high resolution DAC using a 16-bit PWM, a switched capacitor block, and the analog modulator function.


PSoC® Designer already has DAC6, DAC8 and DAC9 User Modules. Any resolution beyond this is not possible using the existing topology. This Application Note discusses a method of using a 16-bit PWM, an SCBLOCK, and the analog modulator function to construct a higher resolution DAC. The example project has a 12-bit DAC incorporated. Theoretically, a 16 bit DAC can be designed using this technique. But the repeatability and effect of noise have to be studied for such high resolutions.

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