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AN214944 - CYW4334: WLCSP Daisy-Chain Package | Cypress Semiconductor

AN214944 - CYW4334: WLCSP Daisy-Chain Package

Last Updated: 
Jun 03, 2020
The CYW4334 daisy-chain package consists of various pin-to-pin connections that, when attached to a compatible daisy-chain board, module, or substrate, form a continuously connected loop through all critical package and/ or package-to-board interconnects. This loop can be electrically tested or monitored to verify the integrity of the interconnects after the component mounting process and the under board-level reliability (BLR) testing. The daisy-chain package is designed to match the form and fit of the corresponding product; the same manufacturing processes, materials, and dimensions are used for the associated product. Where minor exceptions occur, they are described in this document