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AN206371 – FR Family, 32-bit Microcontroller, MB91F313 HDMI-CEC | Cypress Semiconductor

AN206371 – FR Family, 32-bit Microcontroller, MB91F313 HDMI-CEC

Last Updated: 
Jun 03, 2020

This document describes the usage of HDMI-CEC technology used with CY91F313, which begins being adopted in TV and AV devices.  Up to now, analog signals have been used to send pictures and voices on signal lines to connect TVs and HD recorders.  Generally, cables of the RCA terminal, S terminal, and D terminal have been used for picture transmission and cables of the RCA terminal for voice transmission. Since the analog signals to send pictures and voices are continuous voltage values, there has been the problem that they are subject to noise influences from the outside and inside. To solve the problem, HDMI technology has been developed for home-use electric apparatuses by arranging the personal computer’s DVI standard already supporting the digital video signal.  In HDMI technology, a single cable can transfer pictures, voices, and device information.

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