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AN2014 - Basics of PSoC® 1 Programming | Cypress Semiconductor

AN2014 - Basics of PSoC® 1 Programming

Last Updated: 
Jun 26, 2020

PSoC 1 devices can be programmed after they have been installed in a system. In-circuit programming is convenient for prototyping, manufacturing, and in-system field updates. This allows a PSoC 1 device to be programmed during prototyping, later in the manufacturing flow, or reprogrammed in the field at a later date. PSoC 1 uses in-system serial programming (ISSP) protocol for programming. ISSP is a two-wire protocol that uses a bidirectional data line (SDATA) and a clock line (SCLK) from the host to PSoC 1 to perform device Programming. There are various Programming tools that are available to program PSoC 1 using ISSP protocol. PSoC 1 supports two ISSP modes: Reset and Power Cycle programming.