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AN1268 - Overview of Cypress Neuron® Devices | Cypress Semiconductor

AN1268 - Overview of Cypress Neuron® Devices

Last Updated: 
Aug 18, 2015

The CY7C53150 and CY7C53120 Neuron® Chips are specifically designed to implement low-cost local operating network applications. Through a unique combination of hardware and firmware, Neuron devices provide all the key functions necessary to process inputs from sensors, control devices intelligently, and propagate control information across a variety of network media.

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for choosing our products. They come with all the know-how and passion that our engineers have put into it. As you probably already know, Cypress is now Infineon. This is a major step for our company, but also for the good of you. 

Reliability and business continuity are of utmost importance for us. Hence, we remain fully committed to honoring existing customer and distributor relationships. This includes offering the legacy Cypress product portfolio. We thank you very much for your trusting support.

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