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AN1215 - Basic Embedded Host Using the SL811HST | Cypress Semiconductor

AN1215 - Basic Embedded Host Using the SL811HST

Last Updated: 
Jul 14, 2017

AN1215 explains the SL811HST functionality as a USB Full/Low-Speed host. The document begins with a description of signal interconnects between an external processor and SL811HST. It then introduces the SL811 register sets and their functionality. The host mode firmware example code, which comes along with the SL811HST development kit (CY3662), is used as a reference. This note provides a background on the SL811 host mode functionality to help you get started with host mode designs.


The SL811HST is a full-featured USB embedded host controller. It uses a standard address/data bus typical of most 16- and 32-bit embedded processors as well as some 8-bit microcontrollers. This application note addresses the usage of the SL811HST in an embedded USB host application.