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AN1137 - Interfacing an External Processor to the SL811HS | Cypress Semiconductor

AN1137 - Interfacing an External Processor to the SL811HS

Last Updated: 
Apr 05, 2018

AN1137 describes the method of using external processor interface with SL811HS in each signal and provides the reference schematic designs for two processors.

The SL811HS is a dual-role capable, i.e., host or peripheral, embedded USB controller. As such, it is designed to be easily connected to a variety of external embedded processors ranging from an 8051 to a Strong Arm as a memory mapped peripheral. The signal descriptions and transaction methods described here equally apply to the SL811S peripheral only device. This application note describes the typical methods used to connect the SL811HS/S to an embedded processor. Example circuits and signal descriptions are provided that should help you become more confident that your design will work the first time around.