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AN1044 - Understanding Cypress Asynchronous FIFOs | Cypress Semiconductor

AN1044 - Understanding Cypress Asynchronous FIFOs

Last Updated: 
Feb 18, 2018

AN1044 gives an overview of architecture, features, and expansion logic of the asynchronous FIFO CY7C421, and discusses the common FIFO problems and their solutions.


This application note describes the internal architecture of Cypress’ asynchronous FIFO CY7C421. A summary of key device features, applications, failure modes, typical problem symptoms and solutions is also included. Timing parameters specified in this application note are reproduced from the device datasheet - CY7C421, 512 x 9 Asynchronous FIFO.

The content of the application note has been captured in a training module. This audio visual tutorial provides an introduction to FIFO architecture & its functionality. It explains the features of asynchronous FIFOs such as flags, retransmit functionality & expansion logic. It also briefly discusses the applications of Asynchronous FIFOs.

Training Module: View Download

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