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AN2158 - Sensing - Optical PulsOmeterWith PSoC® | Cypress Semiconductor

AN2158 - Sensing - Optical PulsOmeterWith PSoC®

Last Updated: 
Jul 28, 2015
This is an Obsolete Application Note
The document AN2158 - Sensing - Optical PulsOmeterWith PSoC® has been marked as obsolete. The obsolete version of this application note is still available with the below description but may not be complete or valid any longer. If you have any questions or require support in regards to the below application note content, please click here and create a technical support case.

For information on optical sensor interface with PSoC1, refer to AN2042- PSoC® 1 - Multifunctional Optical Sensor

AN2158 describes the Optical PulsOmeter. PulsOmeters can be used in the medical sector during sport tests for pulse-rate monitoring, or embedded in various sports training equipment. The PulsOmeter can transmit both raw optical pulse wave signals and measured pulse rate values to the PC, which allows the device to be used for illness diagnostics and pulse rate logging.