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AN204942 - F²MC - 8L Family, EMC Design Guide | Cypress Semiconductor

AN204942 - F²MC - 8L Family, EMC Design Guide

Last Updated: 
Jun 03, 2020
This is an Obsolete Application Note
The document AN204942 - F²MC - 8L Family, EMC Design Guide has been marked as obsolete. The obsolete version of this application note is still available with the below description but may not be complete or valid any longer. If you have any questions or require support in regards to the below application note content, please click here and create a technical support case.
In the following description, the EMC design guide of 8-bit Cypress microcontroller will be discussed. It describes how external power supply should be connected to the Vcc and Vss pins and offers some suggestions. An overview of internal supply of MCU is made as well to have a better understanding of the design. The EMI measurements in the following described tests are just example measurements. The measured emissions are no data, which are specified in the DS of the microcontroller series.