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Company Details:

Established in 2001, Techrein has been providing system solutions to industry leading customers including Samsung and contributing to their cost innovation. Recently Techrein has chosen to focus on Electrostatic Touch & LED Display, Motor Control and Wireless Power applications, while expanding its technical capabilities into Wireless and Sensor markets.

Solutions based on Cypress products:

  1. Multi Touch Key Module for Washier (CY8C4124)
  2. Touch key for small size single side PCB (CY8C4014)
  3. Touch and LED display module (CY8C4024)
  4. Proximity touch module (CY8C21434)

Experienced In:

  • Touch Key and LED Driver especially for Home Appliance
  • Automotive PMSM Motor Control (Electric Water Pump, Electric Oil Pump)
  • Invertor Controller for Compressor (Refrigerator)
  • System Control S/W for Air-conditioner
  • Vision Sensor Module (Linux base Camera Sensor)
  • WPC/A4WP Wireless Charger (Own S/W Algorithm)

Market Segments:

  • Industrial (Motor Control)
  • Consumer – Home Appliances(Touch-Key and LED Driver, Compressor control)
  • Automotive / Transportation (Motor Control)

Technical Expertise:

  • Touch Key Design for Home Appliance
  • H/W and S/W Design for Motor Control
  • EMC Design for Automotive Motor Control
  • Automotive Connectivity (CAN, CANFD, LIN)
  • Digital Power System Design
  • Embedded MCU/DSP Control
  • Electronic System Optimization


Company Address:

Samsung leaders tower 1411, 286, Beotkkot-ro, Geumcheon-gu, seoul, 08511, Republic of Korea

City: Seoul

Country: South Korea

Postal Code: 153-790



Phone: +82-10-5245-7265