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ProMik GmbH | Cypress Semiconductor


ProMik provides complete application solutions for configuring, flashing, and testing of electronic components, assembled PCB’s and complete electronic control units (ECU) that deliver high quality and cost-effective benefits for the automotive and industrial automation industries. Central to ProMik’s business mission is, since the beginning in 1995, providing significant business value by way of meeting the application requirements, a uniform and unbroken customer contact to ensure ease of integration into the customer’s environment as well as providing a path for continuous improvement.

Market Segments

  • Automotive
  • Industrial

Technical Expertise

  • Production Flash Programming Stations
  • Programming Tools
  • Software Tools
  • Device Driver
  • Bootloader
  • Digital In-Circuit/Functional Testing

Contact Address

ProMik Programmiersysteme
Südwestpark 100
90449 Nürnberg