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Company Details:

Packet Path is an engineering services company that specializes in Embedded Systems Software, IoT Solutions & Big Data. Packet Path’s IoT division has Embedded Engineers who cover a wide spectrum of expertise with Cypress based IoT Solutions. Their Engineers possess expertise using both Dongle Host Driver (DHD) Linux and WICED based IoT Based Solutions. Their team of engineers include former Broadcom/Cypress Engineers with extensive experience authoring DHD, WICED SDK and WLAN firmware.

Time to market is critical and they can help you achieve this by accelerating your Cypress based IoT product development. Be it a solutions using Linux and DHD or using WICED with an RTOS like ThreadX , their professional services can save your engineer team months of development time and accelerate your go to market strategy.

If you are looking for...

  • Engineers with extensive expertise in DHD, WICED and WLAN Firmware
  • Former Cypress/Broadcom engineers that were involved in the development of DHD, WICED SDK and WLAN firmware
  • Decades of knowledge for the requirement analysis, design, implementation, and performance measurement of Embedded and IoT software components in the wired and wireless networking arena

Then Packet Path's professionals can help you select and design the appropriate Cypress IoT devices and solutions.



Packet Path LLC.

3350 Thomas Road, Santa Clara, CA 95054






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