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ITTIA DB SQL Edge Device Database for Cypress Wireless MCUs

ITTIA DB SQL Software Provides Peace of Mind for Data Management and Data Protection in Cypress Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • Does your device need to stream, collect and manage a large volume of data? With ITTIA DB SQL, queries are used to quickly retrieve information from within a large amount of device data. There is no need for database installation, performance is assured, and lower cost of ownership is accomplished.>
  • Does your device application occasionally disconnect from other systems and the cloud? With ITTIA DB SQL, data is safe and distributed with device-to-device replication or synchronization to the cloud. ITTIA DB SQL empowers device data management with full SQL and standards so devices can still collect, store and manage data even without an active connection. When communications are interrupted, ITTIA DB SQL high availability saves data to flash storage, such as a local SD card, resuming communication with other devices and the cloud when a connection becomes available.
  • Do you worry that your device application may lose data after an unexpected power failure? With ITTIA DB SQL, transactions committed by the application are saved reliably according to ACID principles, so your data is always safe. Application developers control how many operations are performed in each database transaction and when changes are written to storage media for maximum efficiency.
  • Are you concerned about device data security? ITTIA offers protocols to secure data and expertise to customize for specific encryption hardware. With ITTIA DB SQL, data is encrypted and only authorized data access is permitted. Embed your Cypress device with ITTIA DB SQL and protect sensitive data both at rest and in motion.
  • Do you need to access live device data for diagnostics and debugging? ITTIA DB SQL enables developers to remotely view and modify the data in real time. With ITTIA DB SQL, developers can browse tables and execute SQL statements through intuitive developer tools.

Cypress provides a full-featured WICED Wi-Fi Software Development Kit (SDK) and selected ITTIA database software to deliver secure data device data management. This integration enables Cypress customers to unlock the power of flash media on Cypress Wireless MCUs with industry-standard SQL queries. Embed ITTIA DB SQL and ensure that device data is safe and decentralized in case of breach or disaster.



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