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Founded in 1986 and privately held, iSYSTEM prides itself on the wealth of experience it can offer its customers. Headquartered in Schwabhausen, Germany, close to Munich, with subsidiaries in Slovenia and the USA, iSYSTEM’s team of affable staff deliver their customers independent advice to their embedded software development challenges, focusing on solutions that best meet the customer’s challenge.

Specialized in the automotive industry, and any other sector where its customers place value on functional safety or the highest level of software quality, iSYSTEM’s customers can bring to market embedded systems that save lives or ensure that lives are not put unnecessary in danger. Known for its BlueBox technology, this familiar tool is to be found on the desks of embedded development engineers across the world.



Easy to use and intuitive software is fundamental in order to analyze complex embedded software challenges. With the increase in use of multi-core SoCs, complex operating system environments, such as AUTOSAR, and the need for hypervisors, iSYSTEM aims to deliver a user interface that provides fast and clear results so that development decisions can be made quickly. iSystem's offerings can be broken down into a few core elements:

  • winIDEA IDE
  • winIDEA XPC Master ASAM standard AE MCD-1 XCP SW-Debug add-on
  • winIDEA Open - free version of the powerful winIDEA IDE
  • testIDEA tests object and source code using Original Binary Code (OBC) testing
  • isystem.connect SDK graphical user interface



Many of iSYSTEM's unique software capabilities are only possible through the robust, precision hardware that interfaces to the target microcontroller. Instantly recognizable by their color, the BlueBox technology sitting on the desk's of development engineers around the world has been a key factor in resolving seemingly impossible execution time challenges or proving the safety of safety-critical applications.

ISystem BlueBox Hardware Analyzers



It is often the case with exceptionally complex applications, such as AUTOSAR or RTOS-based, safety critical, multi-core microcontroller automotive systems, that advanced analysis techniques are required to prove functional safety. AUTOSAR applications can be especially challenging, which is why iSYSTEM provides hardware and software that delivers insights of such complex systems. And for more classical RTOS applications, winIDEA's plug-ins make it possible to visualise tasks easily for a fast overview of what is really going on.

  • Timing Analysis
  • Hypervisor
  • RTOS plug-ins



iSYSTEM AG für Informatiksysteme

Address:Carl-Zeiss-Str. 1
85247 Schwabhausen, Germany





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