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Company Details:

Clicktouch© is your solution provider for all your HMI-devices.

Clicktouch is a pioneer in Capacitive Touch Screens, already in 2000 we developed and manufactured the very first capacitive touch screen project used in the industrial market. Clicktouch is a market-leader in custom and standard capacitive solutions.

Clicktouch help you through the complete process of design, concept and prototyping of your HMI-device to reach your final end product. When this process is completed we start-up serial production, by offering tailor-made support (hard- & software, schematics, tips & tricks,…) & customer assistance on all demand. Clicktouch has own production sites in Europe and Far East.

Clicktouch offers the complete tuning (hex-file) of your capacitive module. Our local engineering-team is capable to assist you with all your critical requirements: water, gloves, multi vs single touch, thick cover lens, ESD/EMC,…

UniCTouch® is the solution for your metallic surface! With it’s unique design we can develop a capacitive system that works through any kind of overlay (metal, stainless steel, gold, wood, textile,…)


Experienced in:

  • Capacitive keys and touch screens
  • Universal capacitive touch (metal touch)
  • Patented Membrane switch technology
  • Resistive touch screens
  • Force sensors
  • Complete solution (assembly, optical bonding, PCB, Displays, software, custom cover lens,…)


Market Segments:

  • Industrial
  • Household appliances
  • Consumer
  • Medical
  • Kiosk
  • Agriculture
  • Military
  • Security
  • Transportation



  • All HMI-devices (membrane keypads, touch screens, force sensing,…)
  • Metallic capacitive touch (UniCTouch)
  • System level design
  • Embedded control
  • Software development
  • Complete assembly


Company Address:

Legen Heirweg 37
Gavere, Belgium 9890



Phone: 32 (0) 9 384 73 73
Fax: 32 (0) 9 384 73 88




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