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Centron Technology Inc. | Cypress Semiconductor


Centron is a design service of FPGA, MCU and Embedded Software to Korean Engineering Companies since 2004. Centron has had experience in design & Technical Support of Ember during 4 years for Smart-Energy Market after that time, we succeed more than 80% market share in Korea especially SEC, LG and GE Korea. We made Term class of the Zigbee protocol in Hanyang University with training book at the moment. Our Staff member has been experienced to Si-labs MCU technical Support more than 3 years.


PSoC® based Solutions

  • Sorting Machine (Feeder board, PSoC3-CY8C3245LTI)
  • Battery Management System (PSoC5- CY8C5868AXI)
  • Smart Plug design win (PSoC4- CY8C4124AXI/4245AXI)
  • Embroidery Machine (PSoC4M-CY8C4247AZI)
  • ATDPS (Automatic Tablet Dispensing & Packing System) PSoC4M-CY8C4247AZI and trying to the PSoC4S as CY8C4024LQI for IR Sensor B/D


Experienced in:

  • Vision Machine Control (Linescan,Area FPGA + MCU)
  • LCD Tester (Pattern Generator)
  • IoT interface (ZigBee HA/SE profile, WIFI,BLE through AT Command)
  • Battery Management System (AGM, Li-Polymer)
  • Embedded Interface through Ethernet/RS232/USB and WiFi
  • Weight Scale Machines (Multi-head, Weight Scale Core Board)
  • High Power Inverter (AD/DC, DC/AC) Zero-Cross Control of IGBT
  • Machine Motor Controls (3-AXIS, Step Motor, BLDC and Linear Motor)


Market Segments:

  • Data Communication
  • Wireless Communication
  • Industrial
  • Consumer
  • Automotive / Transportation


Technical Expertise:

  • System Level Design Machine Vision
  • Motion Control/Robotics
  • Programmable Logic Design
  • CAE/CAD/PCB Design
  • Instrumentation
  • Mixed-Signal
  • Embedded Control
  • Industrial/Mechanical Design


Company Address:

Suite 1104, ACE High end Tower V, 226_Gasan Digital 1-Ro, Geumcheon-Gu,

Seoul, 08502

South Korea



Phone: +822 2113 2100