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Company Details:

Ayla Networks provides a cloud-based platform to build and support any type of Internet connected device using Broadcom Wi-Fi and WICED solutions. The Ayla IoT Cloud Platform allows rapid and cost effective development of Internet of Things (IoT) applications covering software end-to-end, from the connected device to the mobile (or enterprise) application, and a suite of cloud services in between. The Ayla Platform provides a broad range of application-enablement features to simplify delivery of great product features and amazing user experiences, including single-step registration, role based remote control, enterprise-class security, scheduling/notifications, smart rules engines, and data analytics.

After the connected product is launched, Ayla then provides a full suite of tools for operations teams to facilitate the management and support of devices in the field, and the business intelligence on the data they generate. The Ayla Platform uniquely allows IoT products to economically scale to millions in the field.

Leading product manufacturers wanting to deliver world-class IoT products chose the Ayla IoT Cloud Platform along with Broadcom Wi-Fi and WICED solutions, in a way that’s simple, secure, and cost effective.

Ayla has partnered with Murata to offer a complete end-to-end platform for building world class Internet-connected products. The Murata Type YD Wi-Fi Connectivity Module comes pre-loaded with the Ayla Embedded Agent, enabling developers to connect to the Ayla Cloud Services and smartphone/tablet applications based on the Ayla Application Libraries.

Ayla Design Kit for the Broadcom WICED Platform:

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Ayla Networks

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