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Company Description:

Atmosphere is a robust, integrated, and highly scalable solution that gives IoT developers what they need to build, connect, and manage embedded-to-cloud solutions. With Atmosphere, you don’t need to struggle integrating untested components from multiple vendors and places, as all aspects of development and deployment are managed from a single secure platform. 

Atmosphere features a visual development environment that makes building IoT products easy, giving you the ability to create and deploy complete embedded-to-cloud applications without needing to write any code. Its simple yet powerful drag-and-drop interface lets you effortlessly design your projects without losing granular control, enabling you to make each aspect of your project in rapid succession, from creating embedded firmware to designing a mobile app to connecting devices to the cloud.

Atmosphere currently supports the CYW920819 Development kit in Atmosphere Studio, with a roadmap to support additional development kits and devices in the future.


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6050 Annapolis Ln N

Minneapolis, MN 55446






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