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Inspiring through Wireless Innovations

Bringing a winning product to market in today’s competitive environment requires greater skill, creativity and experience than ever before. lsr.jpegMore and more, your customers demand intuitive, reliable wireless capabilities that give them the real-time information and controls to be more connected. Our partners, spanning a wide range of industries, have trusted Laird to help develop solutions that exceed their customers’ expectations. We provide an unmatched suite of both integrated services and wireless products that improve speed to market and return on your development investment. Our experienced professionals are passionate and committed to partnering with you, allowing your team to focus on the most important element of product development: the unique needs of your customers.


One Partner. Unmatched Capabilities.

Laird has the experience, expertise, and focus on wireless product development to ensure a successful partnership. Laird is an organization that intimately understands what it takes to not only bring ideas to reality, but to ultimately bring viable products to market. Laird’s engineering and design capabilities include:

  • Wireless/RF & Cellular Development
  • Antenna Design
  • Software & Firmware Development
  • Web & App Development
  • Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Prototyping
  • On-site EMC Testing & Certification
  • Turn-Key Production Testing & Manufacturing


BT850,BT851, and BT860, Series - Modules, Adapter & DVK

Laird’s BT85x and BT860 Series build on the success of the original BT8x0 line of modules, giving OEM customers more options and flexibility for using the enhanced throughputs and security benefits in the Bluetooth v4.2 specification in their end devices. These solutions leverage the Cypress CYW20704 A2 chipset to provide exceptionally low power consumption with outstanding range for OEMs needing both Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support.

The BT85x and BT860 Series is a smart option for companies looking to retrofit legacy devices with newer Bluetooth v4.2 specification supporting enhanced data rates and security features. These modules are ideal when designers need both performance and minimum size. They present a Bluetooth standard HCI interface with native support for Windows (USB only), Linux and Android software stacks for operating system backed devices. These modules are perfect for a wide array of applications.



  • Bluetooth v4.2 - Dual mode – BR / EDR / LE – Classic Bluetooth and BLE
    • Supports DLE – Data Length Extensions
    • Supports LESC – Low Energy Secure Connections
    • Supports Multiple BLE Roles
  • Compact Footprint - Modules as small as 8.5x12.85 mm
  • USB v2.0 or UART host interface
  • Antenna Options - Integrated chip antenna or Trace Pad for external antennas
  • Class 1 output – up to 8 dBm
  • GPIO, GCI, I2S & PCM
  • BT SIG Approved - Hardware Controller Subsystem
  • International Regulatory Approvals - FCC, IC, CE, RCM, & Japan approvals
  • Fully Featured Development Kit - Low cost kit for prototyping/debugging/integration testing to speed development time

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Sterling-LWB, CYW4343W based 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® Smart Ready Module

Laird's Sterling-LWB™ 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® Smart Ready Multi-Standard Module provides your customers with more options, more certifications and a greater variety of antenna options, which altogether provides greater flexibility to meet the challenging requirements of many wireless designs. This certified module is based upon the Cypress 4343W chipset, and supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, BT 2.1+EDR, and BLE 4.1 wireless connectivity. The module comes in three configurations to best address specific applications, and features an industrial temperature rating (-40° to +85° C) and an industry-leading breadth of certifications and antenna options.

NOW AVAILABLE! Sterling-LWB can now be used for embedded applicatons, utilizing the Sterling-LWB for WICED reference platform. Laird's Sterling-LWB reference platform provides a very simple and fast way to add both 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and BLE v4.1 connectivity to your microcontroller-based design utilizing the power of Cypress' robust WICED software development kit and developer ecosystem.

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Sterling-LWB5, CYW43353 based Dual-Band 802.11ac Wi-Fi + Bluetooth v4.1 Combo Module

Laird's Sterling-LWB5 dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Smart Multi-Standard Module offers significant value to developers by providing an unmatched breadth of options, certifications, and antenna options, which altogether provide greater flexibility to meet the challenging requirements of many wireless designs. This certified module is based on the Cypress BCM43353 chipset to create one of the very first commercially available solutions that offers IEEE 802.11ac capabilities for ultra-high data rate 5 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, while also featuring classic Bluetooth and BLE connectivity. The module comes in three configurations to best address specific applications, each boasting an industrial temperature rating (-40° to +85° C) and an industry-leading range of certifications and antenna options.

Learn More: Sterling-LWB5


Smart Gateway

  • Connect to Σ Casa Cloud server
  • Access, manage and schedule your Σ Casa peripherals remotely
  • Send notifications to a smart phone/tablet when events occur
  • Smart Link - setting various combination of conditions and activities
  • Built-in WiFi chip and WiFi antenna
  • Built-in BLE module
  • Built-in power amplifier for extending BLE distance

Power Consumption

  • Receive Current:

    70 mA, b/g/n
  • Transmit Current:
    • Min 310 mA Max 360 mA (11b, 11 Mbps)
    • Min 230 mA Max 280 mA (11g, 54 Mbps)
    • Min 220 mA Max 270 mA (11n, MCS7)


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