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Company Details:

Alinket is is an IoT system solution provider with a full portfolio including IoT controllers, IoT middleware, software development kits (SDK), cloud and mobile applications.  As a pioneer in the IoT space, Alinket has accumulated numerous patents while launching one of the industry’s first end to end IoT solutions. These end to end solutions referred to as AiControllers, AiDMS™ (IoT Development Middleware System) and AiDK™ (IoT Development Kit), enable customers to prototype quickly with minimal complexity.

In an effort to maintain the pace of innovation, Alinket continues to grow it's IoT ecosystem by partnering with leading global technology firms to provide the latest in medical electronics, industrial equipment, precision meters and musical instruments.  As a third party solution provider for leading manufactures like Cypress and ST, Alinket also sustains ISO9001 certification and all module products come certified by both FCC and CE regulatory bodies.  Additionally, Alinket also maintains close relationships with cloud service providers such as Microsoft, Qihoo 360 and Tencent.


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