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Adanis Inc. | Cypress Semiconductor


Established in 2011, Adanis is a fast-developing embedded electronics company with a major play in Automotive and IoT markets. Adanis is focused on designing, developing and manufacturing wireless communication(Bluetooth, WiFi) modules.

In addition, Adanis has software development capabilities for Bluetooth stack, application and WiFi Driver, and provide support for MCU development technology.


Solutions based on Cypress products

  • Bluetooth HCI module: ADB-20713 (CYW20713)
  • Bluetooth Module for Speaker and Headset ADB-20706 (CYW20706)
  • Embedded 11n WIFI Module ADW-43903 (CYW43903)
  • FM3 MCU EVB: MB9BF218S


Experienced in:

  • Bluetooth Module for Automotive AVN and Black Box
  • WIFI Module for Automotive AVN and Black Box
  • WIFI and Bluetooth Combo for Consumer and Automotive
  • MCU Design for Audio System VoIP


Market Segments:

  • Automotive (Connectivity)
  • Wireless Communication (WIFI and BT Connectivity)
  • Consumer (Audio)
  • Industrial


Technical Expertise:

  • RF Design for WIFI and BT
  • WIFI and BT Driver and Application
  • Embedded MCU Control
  • Programmable Logic Design
  • RF Manufacturing


Company Address:

#2015, GeumKang Penterium IT Tower, B-Tower 282, Hagui-Ro, Dongan-Gu,

Anyang-Si, Gyeonggi-Do 14056

South Korea



Phone: +82-10-5239-0218