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Custom Touchscreen Solutions for Human Machine Interfaces - From UICO | Cypress Semiconductor

Custom Touchscreen Solutions for Human Machine Interfaces - From UICO

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Sep 04, 2018

Cypress Value

Uico uses several Cypress products to complete their portfolio. Cypress' TrueTouch controllers, the world leader in touch sensing technology, drives all Uico touchscreen solutions, and provides the flexibility Uico needs to create their industrial portfolio, as well as the performance to enable their duraTOUCH solutions, including operation under water and through gloves.

Cypress' CapSense products are used in Uico's industrial HMI solutions that are not complete touchscreens, through thick overlays and in rugged conditions.

Uico's full feature products are made possible through the performance leadership of Cypress, including the highest accuracy, best finger separation, extensive gesture library, and customizable features.


Comprehensive HMI Designs Under One Roof

  • Understand Customer Objectives
  • Design the Experience
  • Develop a Custom HMI
  • US Manufacturing and Design
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Provide Full Support

Environmental Challenges

  • Support long product life
  • Withstand severe temperatures
  • Use through gloves (latex and insulated)
  • Support sanitation needs
  • Work through liquid (stagnant, streaming, salt water)
  • Puncture resistant
  • Field upgradeable
  • Passes UL 60950 Ball Drop test

About UICO

Uico is an original design manufacturer of innovative user-interface solutions for OEMs. The company designs, develops and manufactures Human- Machine Interfaces (HMIs) as effective, turnkey solutions that integrate directly into products in a variety of challenging commercial and durable goods markets.

Uico is a premier manufacturer of touchscreen solutions, utilizing their duraTOUCH portfolio, designed to accurately sense touch in robust, durable applications. Uico has provided working touchscreen solutions under streaming water, salt water, stagnant water, through gloves (latex and work), and in extreme temperatures.

Since Uico is a custom manufacturer, they can create a bottoms-up design that can include different materials, touch interface, single board computer, integration to OEM product controller, display integration, GUI, and industrial design, not to mention specific features such as wireless control, speech recognition or haptics.

Contact Uico to receive a quote on how they can utilize their custom library to become a perfect fit for an HMI application powered by Cypress.

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