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Custom Human Machine Interfaces (Industrial Projected Capacitive Touchscreen) - From Clicktouch | Cypress Semiconductor

Custom Human Machine Interfaces (Industrial Projected Capacitive Touchscreen) - From Clicktouch

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Sep 04, 2018

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  • Clicktouch standard industrial projected capacitive touchscreens designed for “harsh” environment (Industrial, Medical applications) supporting thick overlay, water and glove operations available:
    • For most common industrial LCD models in 3.5”, 4.3”, 5.7”, 7”, 8.5”, 10.4”, 12.1” and 15” (these will be further expanded)
    • For full customized design
    • Support multi-gesture detection
    • 2 technologies: self capacitance and mutual capacitance
  • Clicktouch controller
    • Based on Cypress TrueTouch® Touchscreen controllers
    • Chip on tail / Chip on PCB


The Clicktouch Standard Solution is a complete working package with the following items:

  1. Overlay

    Glass, PMMA, Polycarbonate

    Can be supplied by customer or by Clicktouch

    Lamination can be performed by Clicktouch
  2. ITO-layer

    Standard ITO-Foils by Clicktouch are from 3.5” to 15”

    (See above)
  3. Clicktouch-controller

    Clicktouch controller based on Cypress PSoC®

    HEX-file to program the chip

    Chip on tail / chip on board

    Self capacitance and mutual capacitance

    I2C and USB
  4. LCD

    Integration of LCD can be done by Clicktouch

Clicktouch delivers you a total solution, which means a guaranteed and proved solution. There’s also a possibility to integrate our touchscreen in your carrier plate. Clicktouch is taking care of all these items: Overlay, lamination, ITO-foil, Clicktouch-Controller, Firmware (Hex-file), and will assure the working with your LCD and housing! The biggest advantage of this solution is the user-friendliness.

All these items could also be bought separated and could even be updated to the demands of the customer

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Cypress Value

  • Flexible single chip controller ideal as technology platform both for Capacitive Sensor and Project Capacitive ITO sensor scalable from low (3”) up to mid (10”) diagonal screen (leveraging the large I/O pin count).
  • Integrated USB and I2C interface option make it versatile for embedded and embedded PC applications.
  • Availability for the full swing (5V / Vcc) capsense voltage range makes the design very robust.
  • Optimal SNR enables tick overlay (up to 6mm glass) support widely needed for industrial, medical and automotive applications.
  • Integrated IDAC availability allows the implementation of several design features like self calibration (system auto tuning) for easy system tuning to design changes, production tolerances and variances. The same enables a dynamic finger threshold providing an equalized user experience to different finger sizes while providing glove operation support.
  • The PSoC flexibility did allow for a CapSense-like user design approach for Force sensor creating an homogenous design environment for all sensor solutions.
  • Key functions of Cypress chip:
    • Host communication using I2C, USB, SPI…
    • Scanning of the sensor and processing of the raw data
    • Auto tuning and auto threshold calculation
    • Generating interrupts for host
    • Adjustment possible of default parameters stored in flash for customer tuning

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