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Design Partner Program | Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress Partner Program

The Cypress Partner Program is an expansion of our engineering capabilities providing customers with access to design services and solutions from trusted and capable partners. The program maintains a list of independent consultants, independent design houses and original design manufacturers with in-house design. The partners are also segmented by region and capability. These partners have demonstrated competence in Cypress products ensuring that only partners with the best skill sets are available to our customers. The partners are tiered by four membership levels: Member, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The membership levels are updated by Cypress annually based on the customer design activity and number of solutions developed by the partners using Cypress products.


How to find a Partner
Select a Design Partner Capability in the box on the left and click Search. You can narrow your search by selecting any of the following criteria for your desired consultant: Capability, Membership Level, Country and State.

If you're unable to find a consultant in your desired region, or one of a specific expertise, contact your local Cypress Sales office or representative or email

Please refer to WICED IoT Partners for our IoT design partners


Benefits for Partners
Cypress certified partners enjoy various benefits such as

  • A detailed company profile is listed on along with provision to publish solution examples
  • Prioritized technical support
  • Access to Cypress product trainings

Please visit Cypress Community for any product-related help