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PSoC® 4 CapSense® Tuning Guide | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC® 4 CapSense® Tuning Guide

Last Updated: 
May 16, 2016
This is an Obsolete Guide.

The document PSoC® 4 CapSense® Tuning Guide has been marked as obsolete. The obsolete version of this document is still available with the below description but may not be complete or valid any longer. If you have any questions or require support in regards to the content in below document, please click here and create a technical support case.

The content of this document has been replaced by following documents: 

  1. PSoC4 CapSense Design Guide: "Manual Tuning Process" in Chapter 3 of PSoC4 CapSense Tuning Guide has been updated in "Manual Tuning" Section in Rev*M version of PSoC4 CapSense Design Guide
  2. CapSense_CSD and CapSense_Gesture v2.40 component datasheets: Rest of the Content (i.e. all content minus Manual Tuning Process) in PSoC4 CapSense Tuning Guide is moved to Rev*A version of component datasheets.

This PSoC 4 CapSense Tuning Guide includes instructions and information that will help you use the CapSense Tuner.

The CapSense Tuner assists in tuning the CapSense component to the specific environment of the system when using the “Manual with run-time tuning” Tuning method. The tuner can also display the tuning values (read only) and performance when using the SmartSense Tuning method. No tuning is supported when the component is set to “Manual” as all parameters are stored in flash and are read only for minimum SRAM usage.

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