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Wearables Fitness Monitor | Cypress Semiconductor

Wearables Fitness Monitor

Block Diagram

Cypress delivers the industry's smallest, lowest-power wearable solutions with the innovation, technical support and dependable supply to get customers to market now. Solutions include highly integrated programmable solutions for Capacitive Touch Sensing, Analog Front-Ends and Bluetooth Low Energy; Micropower SRAMs and non-volatile memories with superior reliability, and the smallest wafer-level, chip-scale packages to meet the demand for radically smaller wearable products.

The system level diagram of a fitness monitor shows the various components of a sample solution. There are external components including temperature measurement and an accelerometer. Internal to the PSoC solution are peripherals such as Bluetooth low energy (BLE), CapSense, and a real-time clock (RTC), among others. Links within the block diagram take you to lists of application notes, code examples and other collateral to help you get started designing your own wearable fitness monitor.