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Temperature Sensing and Control | Cypress Semiconductor

Application Background

PSoC provides complete high performance temperature sensing and control solutions for RTDs, thermocouples, thermistors, temperature diodes, IC temperature sensors, other analog output temperature sensors and digital output temperature sensors. PSoC includes current and voltage sensor drive, DAC and PWM outputs for control, LCD drive, key pad or touch screen interface, power management and USB or RS-232 communication.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram Temperature Sensing


use for camtasia screencasts
use for camtasia screencasts


Design Considerations

Complete Temperature Sensing and Control Solution

  • 2-, 3-, 4-wire RTDs
  • RTD 4-wire to 3-wire auto reconfiguration for high reliability
  • All thermocouple types (J, K...)
  • Thermistors
  • Voltage output temperature sensors
  • Diodes used as temperature sensors
  • Digital sensors (I2C, SPI, TMP05)
  • Fan control and voltage output

Increase Integration

  • 8- to 20-bit ADC with PGA
  • ±0.003% signal accuracy (non-linearity)
  • 0.1% internal voltage reference
  • Up to four unique programmable voltage or current sources
  • Supports multiple channels (e.g., ten 4-wire RTD sensors)
  • Control output (i.e. fan or voltage output)
  • Linearization algorithm or lookup table

Reduced Design Time

  • CY8CKIT-025 evaluation board with multiple sensors included to jump-start the design
  • Detailed sensor interface design guidelines in app notes with example projects
  • PSoC Creator’s schematic and component-based approach simplifies solution design

Application Notes

Development Kits/Boards

  • The CY8CKIT-025 PSoC® Precision Analog Temperature Sensor Expansion Board Kit (EBK) includes 5 temperature sensors and examples projects to make temperature sensing and control design quick and easy. This kit enables the designer to measure temperature accurately to a resolution of 0.1º C.

  • The CY8CKIT-030 PSoC® 3 Development Kit enables you to evaluate, develop and prototype high precision analog, low-power and low-voltage applications powered by Cypress’s CY8C38 high precision analog device family.

  • PSoC Programmer 3.24 or later and KitProg 2.14 or later are required to program the PSoC 4200L device on the PSoC 4 L-Series Pioneer Kit. PSoC Creator installation or the kit installation automatically installs PSoC Programmer and KitProg drivers.

Software and Drivers

  • PSoC Creator

    PSoC Creator is a state-of-the-art software development IDE combined with a revolutionary graphical design editor to form a uniquely powerful hardware/software co-design environment.

  • PSoC Designer

    PSoC Designer is the revolutionary Integrated Design Environment (IDE) that you can use to customize PSoC to meet your specific application requirements. PSoC Designer software accelerates system bring-up and time-to-market.