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Microcontrollers for Inverters and Motor Control | Cypress Semiconductor

Microcontrollers for Inverters and Motor Control

Block Diagram

A major benefit of using an inverter for motor speed control is the energy savings. Inverters can accurately control motors over a wide speed range and keep the motor from stopping and restarting, which drains energy. The MCU is key to controlling the inverter.



  • FM3 family inverter solution

    Use FM3 family "MB9BF506" for inverter control.
    • Inverter control by 180-degree energization
    • PFC (PowerFactorCorrection) control
    • Easy parameter setting, waveform observation through the use of GUI on PC


Block Diagram 


Design Considerations

This application is an example of applying the 32-bit Cypress FM family of Arm® Cortex®-M0+, M3 and M4 microcontrollers for inverters / motor control.


Recommended MPNs:

For Main Control: FM3 MB9Ax10A Series, FM3 MB9Ax10K Series, FM3 MB9Bx10R Series, FM3 MB9Bx10T Series, FM3 MB9Bx20M Series

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