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Healthcare (Medical & Fitness) | Cypress Semiconductor

Healthcare (Medical & Fitness)

Cypress has a history of devices trusted by a highly reliable healthcare industry.   This market is evolving to take advantage newer wearable technology to create an ecosystem of devices that can monitor and provide real time feedback to doctors, hospitals and users. 

At Cypress, we have a continued commitment to Long-Term support, reliable and durable solutions, and the total solution development necessary to compete in this market.  At the same time, with a broad family of volatile and non-volatile memories, programmable solutions (PSoC), Cortex M/R class of microcontrollers, and RF solutions, we have the heart of what is required to create the next generation of healthcare IoT devices.

Highly reliable products and supply

Cypress memories focus on a zero-defect quality commitment along with other processes such as PPAP for automotive to assure a useful life of a device in harsh environments.  With the addition of the Spansion non-volatile memory families supported by the Long-Term Memory program, you can design with NOR, SLC NAND, eMMC, SRAM, NvSRAM, FRAM products to meet all of your rugged communications requirements in mind.

Broad and scalable product roadmaps

Cypress Memories have pioneered many of the industries standards in volatile and non-volatile technologies.  With a comprehensive packaging strategy layered on top of these technologies, you will find the broadest and most scalable class of families to minimize redesign and modularize future designs to support many different performance and feature requirements.

New solutions architectures for wearables and HMI

  • Low power and performance with NvSRAM, FRAM solutions with cost efficiency that comes from NOR and NAND solutions. 
  • Cortex M4 graphics solutions for HMI and voice command
  • USB 3.0 and Type C innovation and legacy support for USB 2.0
  • PSoC and PRoC solutions for programmable digital and analog SOC’s

See all Cypress reference platforms and designs for:

  • Pulse Oximetery
  • Blood Glucose monitoring
  • Wearable monitors
  • Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity


Blood glucose meters measure the amount of glucose in blood of diabetics allowing for the administration of the proper dose of insulin to maintain balance. Glucose meters require a precision analog...
Portable blood pressure monitors are a common medical device used for clinical and home monitoring purposes. The oscillometric method is the most common method for measuring blood pressure today....
PSoC® 3 and PSoC 5 provide a scalable platform which integrates all the required circuitry to provide a configurable Infusion Pump in a single chip
Fertility Monitors are devices that monitor fertility levels by monitoring hormone levels. A fertility monitor may analyze hormone levels in bodily fluids, resistance in bodily fluids, basal...