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Microcontrollers for Thermal Printers | Cypress Semiconductor

Block Diagram

Cypress Thermal Printer 3 Inch solution is designed for the automatic calling distributor and the cash register. This solution adopts Cypress Cortex-M3 MCU MB9BF316N, featuring 3 inches of the print head with high speed printing, with the max printing speed of 150mm/s. It supports multiple-printing function, multiple-picture printing, barcode printing and character printing. This printer can receive windows printing task by UART and USB, is compatible ESC/POS command, and supports Black Mark paper, multiple setting for printing by DIP switch.



Block Diagram



Solution Features

  • ARM Cortex-M3(MB9AF312K)
  • 3 Inch Print Head(JX-3R-021AP)
  • 150mm/s Printing Speed
  • Compatible ESC/POS
  • USB and UART interface
  • Over Heat Safeguard
  • Support Black Mark paper
  • Support QR code, EAN8, EAN13 and Code 128
  • Multiple Printing Setting
  • Barcode Printing
  • GB18030 Character Library

Solution Performance

No Item Performance
1 Power Supply DC 22-26V
2 Max Current 7A (Printing Ratio 100%)
3 Max Printing Speed 150mm/s
4 Printer Max Temperature 60°C
5 Printing Noise < 40db
6 Work Environment Temperature < 35°C
7 Print Driver Windows XP, Window 7

Design Considerations

The Thermal Printer Development Kit 3-Inch is about 3-inch thermal printer control solution which is developed based on MB9BF316N and MB9BF516N. This solution provides the following features: Supporting high speed (150mm/s) printing, supporting black mark paper, compatible with ESC/POS command, supporting multiple barcodes, providing independent character lib, and providing communication ports including USB and UART.​

Development Kits/Boards


Recommended MPNs:

For Main Control: FM3 MB9Bx10R Series

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