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Communications & Telecom

As the Internet of Things emerges alongside of exponential network content traffic, more and more requirements are put on the infrastructure connecting data from point to point.   Not only is bandwidth the key requirement but also security to assure that data is trusted and secure. 


Highly reliable products and supply

Cypress memories focus on a zero-defect quality commitment along with other processes such as PPAP for automotive to assure a useful life of a device in harsh environments.  With the addition of the Cypress non-volatile memory families supported by the Long-Term Memory program, you can design with NOR, SLC NAND, eMMC, SRAM, NvSRAM, FRAM products to meet all of your rugged communications requirements in mind.


Broad and scalable product roadmaps

Cypress Memories have pioneered many of the industries standards in volatile and non-volatile technologies.  With a comprehensive packaging strategy layered on top of these technologies, you will find the broadest and most scalable class of families to minimize redesign and modularize future designs to support many different performance and feature requirements.



Reliable data retention is fundamental to assure a device can perform over time and temperature.  Add to this the suite of hardware and software advanced sector protection schemes and these devices become paramount for the emerging generations of IoT devices coming to market.   Between Cypress’s Memory technologies along with our PSoC and MCU solutions, assure your end to end solution is secure.



  • Base stations
  • Enterprise switching
  • Backhaul and infrastructure equipment
  • Gateways & micro gateways
  • Control points
  • Machine to Machine (M2M)



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